Website Banner of Pioneer Hackathon
Website Banner of Pioneer Hackathon

First-ever AppRadio™ Hackathon

The first-ever AppRadio™ Hackathon presented by Pioneer Electronics at the 2012 SEMA Show will bring creative minds within the app developer community together with the Show’s exhibitors.

Pioneer has tasked app developers to work non-stop to create the next big app to work with Pioneer’s AppRadio™, an in-dash car stereo that controls compatible apps directly from its touchscreen.

The 69-hour event will span the length of the SEMA Show, beginning Tuesday, October 30, and concluding with an award presentation, Friday, November 2. Developers will work around the clock for a chance to take home more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. First, second and third place winners will be awarded in three app categories, including:

  • Voice Interface SNS application: Develop a mobile ap-software proposal plan for safe in-vehicle use of (SNS) through a voice recognition and text-to-speech interface.
  • Location Based Services application: Developing a mobile app software proposal and business plan for geo-fenced or geo-tagged automotive related location based services (LBS).
  • SEMA Member automotive accessory application: Develop a mobile app software proposal and business plan for safe in-vehicle use of  (SNS) through a AI and text-to-speech Phase.
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Should you Buy Access Control System for your Home?

Should you Buy Access Control System for your Home?

What is Access Control Management System?

Access management systems management entry to your business space and should to boot establish levels of access for areas of the geographical point and express devices. The system authenticates the identity of the user and cross references against a data to realize the access authorization level. this method gathers and stores data that then permits a business owner to look at movement of workers and guests inside the geographical point, that might lead on to identification of perpetrators if there’s a security breach and permits proactive assessment of security risks to make changes PRN.

Access management are usually as basic as a sign-in sheet at the front table monitored by a secretary. However, this will be not a solid security follow compared to today’s advanced systems. These embody technology that identifies the individual seeking to realize access to your geographical point or a restricted house, and permits access alone to the areas aligned with their permissions.

There are many sorts of authentication:

Key fob/access card – a physical card which can be swiped or scanned for entry.

Bio metrics – identity verification or fingerprints that verify the person seeking access.

Password or pin code – approved users can enter into a device.

Mobile apps with barcode – approved users transfer the app to their phones then generate a barcode to enter the geographical point inside identical manner they’d use a key card.

There are many blessings to those kinds of authentication. For each, the pc user can straightaway close up AN employee’s access credentials upon his or her departure the company. to boot, for corporations previously using a guard or secretary to approve access, technology supported systems speed up access for staff international organization agency previously might have had to attend their flip in line. And, if there’s Associate in Nursing emergency, access management systems can modify quick internment if needed. you’ll be able to to boot started the system to control resources adore lighting and air-con or heat in areas of the geographical point not in use, that’s sweet for the setting conjointly as your bottom line.

“The whole smart building conception is quickly gaining momentum,” Robbie Danko, promoting manager for measuring system LVC corporations in city, was quoted as expression throughout a recent SDM article. “In many cases it’s access management that’s driving but a building is utilized in terms of getting knowledge. in this manner, access will evolve further quickly than it’s inside the past. of us are accustomed living throughout a decent home which they add a dumb building. As tenants modification, their demands are dynamical, and other people expectations are aiming to modification.”

Types of Access management:

There are two approaches to connecting the numerous elements among a system, along side door readers, locks, cameras and so the body system or dashboard, that’s typically a computer:

Traditional systems use management panels physically connected to system instrumentation. this will be seen as a result of the safer alternative of the two forms of systems, but it are usually restricted or costly in this there are caps on the number of access points which can be connected to a sway panel. If one panel doesn’t support the number of access points you would like, you either got to prune access points or invest in further management panels.

IP systems are network-based, connecting door readers using the local area network or wireless connections. This removes limits on the number of access points inside the system but there’s concern concerning the potential for the system to be hacked.


There are three forms of access management systems:

Discretionary Access management (DAC): this will be the tiniest quantity tight kind as a result of it provides one level of access for all with approved credentials.

Mandatory Access management (MAC): this will be the strictest Associate in Nursingd most work-intensive sort of access management as a result of it wants the pc user to assign an access level to each individual further to the system.

Role based Access management (RBAC): this will be the foremost common kind. With this approach, roles or job titles are further to the system with level of access assigned to each supported the access needs someone in this role will have. Then once a fresh person is further to the system, they’re further with a given role or job title and so the extent of access is automatically assigned. this will be to boot named as rules-based access.

Should you Buy Access Control System for your Home?

There are several decisions for hosting your system:

Locally hosted via Associate in Nursing on-site server typically using a portable computer for system administration.

A cloud-based system that stores access permissions inside the cloud and so the administrator can access the system dashboard from anywhere via a web browser. The admin got to experience uniformity of utility across devices, i.e. access, knowledge and ability got to be constant whether or not or not on portable computer, tablet, mobile, or various device.

A mobile or smartphone based system offers body Associate in Nursingd user functions via AN app.

An IoT based system is Associate in Nursing “integrated network of intelligent computing devices connected through internet to talk with each other with none human interference,” to keep with KISI, a provider of IoT facility security systems. If you need to know the Access Control Price in Bangladesh you search Directly in Google or Buy Locally.

Securing Your space:

While smart geographical point technology is growing in quality, and access management systems are usually a key piece of this technology, security will doable be your priority in making access system choices. There are some ways in which to reinforce your security:

Work with a consultant to assess your security needs and verify the proper system and protocol to handle them.Use two or further forms of authentication, i.e. key cards and bio metrics. Opt for the opposing pass back feature. opposing pass back limits the facility for someone to share his or her access card or mobile app with Associate in Nursing other user And helps defend against duplication of an access card. this wants a system that monitors every entries and exits from the controlled space. Once Associate in Nursing entrance is recorded, those user credentials can’t be accustomed enter all over again until Associate in Nursing exit is recorded.

Conduct yearly reviews that embody analyzing system reports and checking system instrumentation for proof of modification of state. alter your technology and protocol supported any breaches or gaps you discover.

Limit access to the system’s management panels by keeping them throughout a secure location.

Consider using proprietary technology as a result of it tends to be safer than open provide technology.Train your workers on the protection protocol and technology. facilitate them understand the role they play in protecting the geographical point space, assets, themselves, and colleagues.